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With BOrGO we want to express our passion for the concept of cuisine meant as a whole: territory, products of the highest quality, research and our boundless admiration for the people who express this passion in their everyday work by producing, cultivating, breeding.

BOrGO is also the place where our love for travel becomes reality: to the dishes of our land we like to combine dishes from countries that made us feel citizens and not tourists in the near and far places we visited.

We have also made some choices that may be judged as risky ... for example, in BOrGO, you will not pay anything for the "cover charge." At the same time, most of the products we work are true excellences of their sector: Pastificio dei Campi pasta, Acquerello rice, Renieri's Cinta Senese to name just a few. Our wine list is short and represents a selection of small producers far from big names who, yes, perhaps "speak" more easily, but who are not in line with our way of being: we like to give space to those, like us, who dares offering quality alternatives to more well-known and, in some cases, noble brands. We were almost obsessive in the choice of plates, cutlery and glasses: we were not looking for simple utensils but objects in line with our thinking and that, in our view, could give pleasure to the sight and touch. The objects that surround you at BOrGO are important assets for us: gifts from dear friends, pieces found in the markets, books that inspired or passionate us, travel memories ... nothing is the result of chance but of careful study (and not a marketing study) of the most coherent way to propose a place that represents our thought but, above all, harmonious, with refined food and an engaging atmosphere because, after all, although it can't be taken for granted, this is a restaurant after all.

BOrGO is our philosophy… but it is also a new reality for all those who share these passions with us.

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