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... the quality of the ingredients above all ...

Here are some of our proposals ... we often change them so maybe, on your arrival, you may find different choices:

Prosciutto - from Cinta Senese hand cut with burratina and artichokes in oil

Cheese - Truma d'Altan Occelli, Pecorino di Pienza Gran Riserva, Blu di Malga and Occelli in chestnut leaves

Anchovies of Menaica  - Echiré butter, piquillo pepper and toasted brioche bread

Rabbit liver paté  - giardiniera, toast and pourriture noble Podere Petreto

Cappellacci stuffed with burrata cheese  - white guinea fowl ragout, lemon zest and cocoa grit

Spaghetti alla chitarra - red tuna bottarga, toasted pine nuts and crunchy breadcrumbs

Potato chicche - saffron cream and orange zest

Pea cream - leeks, ginger, fresh mint and toasted almonds

Cecina - with crunchy vegetables, burrata and toasted pumpkin seeds

Broad bean falafel - with labneh

Bioactive garden salad - mixed cooked and raw vegetables depending on the arrivals of the day

Octopus - with paprika sautéed potatoes

Boneless chicken tempura - with fried Marsican potatoes

Pork fillet - larded with caramelized onions and Marsican mashed potatoes 

Seared duck breast  - Worcestershire sauce and acacia honey with cauliflower purée

Beef tartare - Piedmontese breed, served with quail egg

Florentine steak of "Meatery" Valdaora

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